Q: What makes the NuSecure Partner Program different?

A: The NuSecure Partner Program was built for MSPs, MSSPs, Partners, and Resellers. The program deploys technologies and expertise designed to overcome the challenges partners face to enter the growing MSSP industry. NuSecure SIEM's cloud-based technology is designed to be scalable, brandable, and compatible with most end-customer devices and networks. Partners are also given an option to subscribe a device for Cyber Threat Monitoring through one of Nuspire’s SOCs. Security researchers, engineers, developers, and technicians are developing processes and procedures to help keep partners ahead of the latest security trends, vulnerabilities, and solutions landscape. This provides partners unparalleled technology and expertise needed to enter, and thrive, in today’s IT security industry. Beyond technology, the program also provides the business model to empower partners to thrive without worry of scalability, purchasing/acquisition delays, or service use issues.

Q: How are NuSecure products priced?

A: The NuSecure Partner Program uses a service credits model that allows for partner flexibility and order transparency. The service credit model allows partners to add, remove, or change devices without impacting cost or purchasing activities. The solution also allows for transparent and predictable margin increases for clients. No hidden costs, large upfront investments, or additional professional service contracts are required in the program.

NuSecure FAQ

Q: Is there a cost to join the program?

A: No. The NuSecure Partner Program requires no upfront investment, installation, or start-up costs. Once a partner is approved for the program, all startup, training, certification, and installation costs are covered by Nuspire.

Q: Are there any infrastructure, hardware, servers, bandwidth, or storage requirements?

A: No. The NuSecure solutions are cloud-based and generally require no additional infrastructure requirements by the partner or end-customer. Some unique design considerations may require an agent to be installed on host systems. In those cases, the software and installation assistance will be provided as part of the program.


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