How it Works

The NuSecure Partner Program empowers organizations to make recurring, profitable revenue by utilizing industry-leading technology and expertise to launch, administer, and sell managed services. The program allows partners quick entry into a multi-billion dollar industry by alleviating barriers such as cost, expertise, and product development.

It all starts with nuSIEM technology

As part of the NuSecure Partner Program, customers are given access to Nuspire’s award-winning security technology: the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. The NuSecure nuSIEM – backed by its distributed, parallel processing cloud – combines high speed, real-time analysis of firewall/UTM and Windows Event logs with intelligent alerting and Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™. The NuSecure program was designed to make onboarding and administration of the SIEM trouble-free.

A Program Associate will work with qualified partners to determine the scope of services, training, and program credits needed to get started. Program credits allow for easy solution administration. Partners may use credits to order new devices, change which devices are being monitored, or decommission unneeded devices from the system. This can all be done without new purchase orders or changes in invoicing. All product and sales training is provided as part of the onboarding process. The result: quick entry into the market with easy business and technology administration. To learn more about nuSIEM onboarding and administration, contact a NuSecure Partner Program Associate.

NuSecure Become a Partner

Expertise is available with the Cyber Threat Monitoring (CTM) solution

Decades of security expertise is available to partners with the NuSecure Cyber Threat Monitoring (CTM) solution. Through the nuSIEM portal interface, partners use service credits to add Cyber Threat Monitoring to a specific device. Once activated, the device will be monitored 24/7/365 through Nuspire’s Security Operations Center (SOC).

NuSecure's Cyber Threat Monitoring service provides the highest level of security threat monitoring available. The blending of human analytics with nuSIEM’s big data architecture and proprietary NuSecure Advanced Threat Intelligence together provide peace of mind and compliancy with security mandates. Beyond the continuous review and monitoring of subscribed devices, partners gain access to NuSecure's Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Analytics Team (SAT) who escalate actionable issues to an organization 24/7/365. A SOC and SAT are available to assist in the creation of detailed reports, alerts, and trending analysis. Furthermore, a partner’s subscribed devices benefit from continuous tuning of alerts, threat intelligence, and event investigations – all without long-term commitments or investments in a partner’s time.

CTM provides partners with a team of qualified security researchers, engineers, and developers working to find and help remediate security incidents for the partner. This team provides partners scalable expertise to go to market quickly and efficiently without the added expenses necessary to staff and source a Security Operations Center. To learn more about Cyber Threat Monitoring, visit the CTM solution overview page.

Responsibility for security monitoring is backed by industry-leading SLAs. The service level agreements commit to a specified time to respond to alerts and provide a response back to the partner organization. To learn more about Cyber Threat Monitoring, SLAs, and expertise details, contact a NuSecure Partner Program Associate.

How to get started:

The NuSecure Partner Program is designed to quickly identify, onboard, and bring-to-market qualified partners. Through the four-step process below, a partner can quickly and successfully launch a Managed Security Service platform.

Step 1: Contact a NuSecure Partner Program Associate to determine if a partnership is a good fit for the NuSecure Partner Program.

Step 2: Complete, sign, and return the NuSecure Partner Agreement.

Step 3: Complete the partner training process with the NuSecure team. Training activities include product training and documentation, sales training, go-to-market strategy, and all necessary sales support materials.

Step 4: Work with NuSecure business and technical leads during the product launch. Product launch activities include hands-on sales support with current or prospective customers, step-by-step device onboarding training after the first order, and system administration support for alerting, reporting, and incident management.

Need product support?
All NuSecure product support is handled through the Security Operations Center which can be contacted via email at or call +1 (877) 435-1640.

Questions & Concerns?
All account questions or concerns can be directed to the Partner Sales Team.


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