Continuous Tuning of Alerts, Parsers, and Reports

Clients entrust an organization to provide their network security. This can quickly become a large task and challenges may arise when collecting log data from across a network. This problem can be compounded with organizations that have multiple locations, log sources, or complex network infrastructures. Off-the-shelf SIEM solutions do not scale easily, requiring complex configurations to aggregate and correlate large amounts of log data. This can make finding, categorizing, and responding to security events a nearly insurmountable task. 

Beyond collecting logs and categorizing threats, companies need human analytics to transform those logs into actionable items. Basic alerts and algorithms that flag logs indicating malicious activity can only automate a portion of the process. Cybersecurity engineers are key to identifying attacks and anomalous behavior. They recommend mitigation and remediation strategies to handle the security issues identified. Moreover, it is the role of the cybersecurity analytics engineer to continuously tune and adjust alerts and algorithms within a client's environment. 

Organizations need technologies and security experts that are dedicated to these respective networks to ensure that any out-of-the-norm logs are investigated and remediated efficiently. Nuspire’s NuSecure SIEM, combined with security experts, watch over the network 24/7/365. 

Features of Cyber Threat Monitoring service include:

  • Continuous SIEM tuning of a client's environment based on results of escalated alerts
  • Custom alerts created as required to monitor the respective environment
  • False Positive identification and filtering
  • Trend/AI-based alerts tuning
  • Baselining and threshold tuning of alerts


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