NuSecure's Cyber Threat Monitoring service provides the highest level of security threat monitoring available. The blending of human analytics with nuSIEM’s big data architecture and proprietary NuSecure Advanced Threat Intelligence together provide peace of mind and compliancy with security mandates. 

Beyond the continuous review and monitoring of subscribed devices, partners gain access to NuSecure's Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Analytics Team (SAT), who escalate actionable issues to an organization 24/7/365. NuSecure's SOC & SAT are available to assist in the creation of detailed reports, alerts, and trending analysis. Additionally, all partner's subscribed devices benefit from continuous tuning of alerts, threat intelligence, and event investigations – all without long-term commitments or investments in a partner organization's time.

Possible security incidents are processed and investigated through Nuspire’s Trax Correlation and Ticketing System. This allows Nuspire’s engineers to focus efforts on responding to legitimate issues rather than filtering through reams of irrelevant data. Through this tool, partners are provided complete insight into Nuspire’s continuous cyber threat monitoring of an organization's subscribed devices.


Cyber Threat Monitoring

Cyber Threat Monitoring Overview

Features of Cyber Threat Monitoring service include:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of nuSIEM events
  • 24/7/365 continuous log review
  • Use of NuSecure Advanced Threat Intelligence to identify and classify threats
  • Human-correlated security incidents through alert investigations by the Nuspire Security Operations Center
  • Actionable events escalated by a Nuspire Security Engineer with mitigation and remediation guidance 24/7/365
  • Documentation to demonstrate compliance with industry and regulatory mandates
  • All of nuSIEM’s existing features, visibility, and partner tools included

How NuSecure ensures the integrity & privacy of data:

  • Continuous alert tuning managed by Nuspire’s Security Analytics Team
  • Continuous technical threat intelligence updates by Nuspire’s Security Analytics Team
  • Continuous operational threat intelligence alerts and notifications by Nuspire’s Security Operations Team
  • Continuous tactical threat intelligence alerts by Nuspire’s Security Analytics Team
  • Continuous strategic threat intelligence updates by Nuspire’s Security Analytics Team via Trax™


NuSecure’s advanced threat intel comes from proprietary, advanced security analytics. Automated methods are utilized to collect IP reputation information – combined with other alert methods – which build correlated events to trigger Security Operations Center (SOC) engineers who investigate the communications. Security Analytics Team (SAT) members stay apprised of public advisories such as FBI Private Industry Notification (PIN) and Liaison Alert System (FLASH) bulletins.

SOC 2 Certified

NuSecure is SOC 2 Compliant

NuSecure Operations Centers undergo annual SOC 2 auditing against AICPS’s controls of security, availability and confidentiality. Our SSAE 16/SOC 2 audited Security Operations Centers follow industry-standardized processes in order to provide the security, privacy, redundancy and flexibility to custom fit your customer’s needs.


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