Trax: Management, Monitoring, & Resolution System Portal

Network management is no easy task. Network availability, compliance, and support can be challenging. The trax™ system was developed to help meet these challenges by providing an intuitive window into all network locations – with the power to drill down to a specific location, device, or event. 

Businesses are growing more and more dependent on real-time data. Downtime causes a significant impact on business operations. Giving up control of this operation to a third party can be a nervous leap of faith. This is why trax™ takes a unique, transparent approach to the control of such a mission-critical component for any business. 

Letting go of the reins does not have to mean losing sight - or even control - of a network. NuSecure's custom, web-based portal, trax™, has been specifically designed with this philosophy. Full access to this web-based tool gives customers complete, real-time visibility into the operations of their network. Built and tested in the operations of some of the world’s largest companies with the most complicated and challenging network topologies, trax™ is continuously evolving to meet the ever-increasing security threats. 

trax™ - bringing together all components of WAN network management

  • Monitoring – Provides 24/7/365 status of all network devices. Status, performance, and security event information is tracked and visible in real-time. Custom alert systems automate proactive monitoring to trigger resolution action within the SOC. 
  • Ticketing – Complete issue and resolution tracking from knowledge base to reporting. Each detail of every engagement is logged and visible to the corporate customer through the powerful reporting interface. 
  • Integrated Reporting – Powerful, fully cross-referenced, reporting tools encompass all trax™ systems and are available in real-time.
  • SIEM – High-speed, real-time analysis of firewall/UTM and Windows Event logs with Intelligent Alerting and Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™ together provide faster data processing, faster security alerting, and faster reaction to security events on the network. The ability to monitor security information and event management via dashboards and reporting is available through trax™. 

trax™ has been built to provide complete transparency so that partners are empowered.

Some situations call for greater detail and trax™ is ready! From either the overview dashboard or location page, a user can drill down to the most granular data.

  • Asset (device) data
  • Asset transport logs
  • Site details
  • Issue and support logs
  • Detailed ticketing
  • SIEM data and aggregated status

robust ticket management system shows the customer not only the current status of the ticket but overall status, in real-time.

  • SOC availability
  • Time to answer/respond
  • Ticket creation
  • Ticket acknowledgment
  • Issue resolution time frame

The customer has the capability to correlate the information across all sites in order to quickly make decisions and implement new strategies and procedures.

  • Assets
  • Issues and tickets
  • Configurations
  • Communications log

Integrated Reporting – Powerful, fully cross-referenced reporting tools encompass all trax™ systems. Reports can be customized based on all data points. For customers with specific needs, reports can be custom-made. Reporting can be delivered via trax™ custom dashboards or scheduled email. Reports are designed for industry and government regulatory compliance.


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