NuSecure Managed Email - nuMail - provides customers with state-of-the-science managed enterprise email security and email content inspection. This includes in-depth technical support services and mail server status monitoring. With rapid-release malware at the heart of so many successful hacking attacks, sandboxing and a secure email system is a must.

As part of nuMail, unlimited configuration and change management support is provided. This includes support directly to end users for message quarantine training/use, personal white/black listing, message search functionality and use of email encryption. It further provides advanced administrative support for global white/black listings, creation of custom mail policies and mail handling when
needed, and assistance in LDAP integration.

nuMail protection and continuity delivers access to world-class email security with no hardware or software to buy and no maintenance to perform — saving money and freeing up resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

Service Levels & Features

Protect | Inbound protection

Complete | Inbound & outbound protection

Ultimate | Inbound & outbound protection with identity-based email encryption & Data Leak Prevention

nuMail’s sandboxing component is essential in fully protecting an organization’s email. Sandboxing is a security mechanism for separating running programs, used to execute untrusted or untested programs and code, without risking harm to the host machine or operating system. nuMail utillizes sandboxing to identify zero-day threats in email attachments and email links.

With nuMail, sandboxing also allows for file attachment and in-mail URL analysis with detailed behavioral analysis, monitoring of system activity, exploit efforts, web traffic, subsequent downloads, and communication attempts. nuMail's system is designed to deal with advanced malware that is attempting to avoid detection through VM detection and time bomb techniques.

nuMail integrates with nuSIEM for complete mail flow and threat reporting. The service also includes 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring. Our skilled team of experts and advanced research and development teams are always there for constant review and improvement of algorithms.

nuMail offers enhanced spam detection, improved newsletter classification and delivery control, and excels at identifying image-based spam. Data Leak Prevention (DLP) technology is utilized to detect violations of an organization's content security policy and processes are in place to respond to detected data leaks, such as centralized quarantine review.

This cloud-based service is simple to deploy. A quick change to MX records is all that's needed!


nuMAIL Protect

Managed Service

Fully Managed Service

  • Includes all setup and configuration in nuMail’s cloud-hosted service
  • Ongoing maintenance, security updates and threat prevention updates
  • 24/7/365 support including SOC proactive and reactive security monitoring and NOC network monitoring
  • Access to Nuspire’s TRAX ticketing system and nuSIEM for detailed reporting on mail flow, threats and security incidents
  • Automated user discovery or LDAP integration

Inbound mail service relay

Inbound Mail Service Relay

  • Removal of direct communication between your mail service and attackers
  • Protection from directory harvest attacks and other security threats at the network level
  • Decrease in mail service usage and bandwidth by removal of “junk” email
  • TLS encryption enforcement of inbound messages
  • Ultrafast message processing backed by cloud-based processing and security
  • Queuing of messages when corporate mail services are undergoing maintenance or are offline

Inbound anti spam

Inbound Anti-spam

  • Next generation layered anti-spam technology blocking more than 99.98% of all spam with zero false positives
  • Newsletter intelligence providing the ability to block malicious newsletters and control delivery of other newsletters that border on being spam
  • Real-time spam outbreak protection against fast-moving spam campaigns
  • Behavioral analysis and sender reputation identifying suspect mail senders
  • PDF scanning and image analysis for image-based spam analysis
  • User-based self-service quarantine with daily email reports and user-based control of white/black lists

Inbound anti phishing

Inbound Anti-phishing

  • Message embedded link content scanning and sandbox evaluation for phishing & malicious content
  • Support for enterprise sender identity standards: Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), Domain-Based Message Authentication (DMARC)

Inbound anti virus anti malware

Inbound Anti-virus/Anti-malware

  • Highly effective antivirus protection against known viruses and malware
  • Protection from the latest malware variants with proactive technologies able to block previously unknown threat variants
  • Real-time check of latest malware information and signatures

Attachment URL sandboxing

Sandboxing Attachments/URLs

  • Sandbox and other advanced detection techniques to detect and block zero-day threats and sophisticated attacks
  • Sandbox code emulation quickly simulates intended activity of a suspect URL or attachment
  • Full sandbox secure runtime environment for behavioral analysis/rating
  • Sandbox Call Back Detection to uncover the full attack lifecycle - identifying the ultimate aim, call back, and exfiltration


nuMAIL Complete (includes all Protect features) plus:

Managed Service

Managed Service

  • Managed Inbound and Outbound mail
  • Active Dir Support
  • LDAP synchronization
  • Recipient validation
  • Distribution Groups
  • Quarantine ownership
  • Multiple Domains
  • Disclaimer Footers

Outbound mail service relay

Outbound Mail Service Relay

  • Removal of direct communication between your mail service and possible bad domains
  • Outbound TLS Encryption Enforcement
  • 3rd-party mail administration support for email sending limits to domains such as: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL

Outbound security threats

Outbound Security Threats

  • Quarantine of outbound emails that contain infected attachments
  • Quarantine of outbound emails that contain links to malicious links
  • Quarantine of outbound emails of known spam signatures


nuMAIL Ultimate (includes all Complete features) plus:

Content inspection

Content Inspection

  • Quarantine or encrypt messages containing sensitive information
  • Profiles for SOX, HIPAA, and GLBA Compliance
  • Intelligent Content signatures for US Social Security Numbers, Canadian SIN, Credit Card Numbers, ABA/Routing Codes, and CUSIP & ISIN identifiers

IBE Identity based encryption

IBE – Identity Based Encryption

  • IBE allows for the secure delivery of confidential and regulated email
  • Automatically encrypt messages for compliance, based on content or recipient
  • Pull and Push message decryption

DLP data leak prevention

DLP – Data Leak Prevention

  • Comprehensive data-loss prevention with sensitive data detection
  • Content inspection capabilities including scorebased keyword and regex evaluation
  • Identified messages can be quarantined, rejected from being sent, or redirected to alternate addresses
  • Automated notifications of enforcement can be sent to administrators


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