Dashboards & Monitoring

nuSIEM's device monitoring is made visible through interactive, web-based dashboards powered by the nuSIEM alerting system and real-time log streaming. The branded dashboards provide real-time status of the health of a customer's devices and their security posture.

Dashboard results are driven by nuSIEM’s powerful, big data architecture. nuSIEM proactively monitors devices to identify and alert on issues before they become major problems. nuSIEM can identify atypical situations for numerous types of devices and applications. nuSIEM’s trend-based AI (Artificial Intelligence) system, which learns over time what is normal and expected from a specific device, provides further visibility across the dashboards. Identification of devices that are offline, non-responsive, or have critical security events are easily spotted.

nuSIEM Dashboards

nuSIEM's dashboards provide real-time visibility and updates of individual, custom groups, or all network devices from a single pane of glass. The primary dashboard device wall can be expanded to full-screen mode appropriate for SOC/NOC (Security Operation Center/Network Operation Center) monitoring of the status of all units deployed. nuSIEM also offers personalized dashboards able to monitor the most important information.


nuSIEM Dashboards

Real-Time Log Streaming

Real-time log streaming offers a unique, web-based view of live log data being received by the selected devices. By extending visibility and combining advanced filtering, engineers can perform real-time diagnostic log reviews without the need for direct access to the monitored device.

Real-Time Session Monitor (available on select devices)

The real-time session monitor provides real-time detailed and, more importantly, summarized information about the bandwidth and active sessions on a firewall. It can quickly answer the ever-popular question of "Who is using all of the bandwidth?" Many of today’s most bandwidth-hungry, web-based applications utilize multiple sessions to achieve greater performance. The real-time session monitor allows the ability to group and aggregate active sessions by multiple methods (source, destination, protocols, session groupings and more), allowing for the quick identification of what is using all of that bandwidth.

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