Keeping clients' businesses safe from online threats is a huge undertaking. The larger the business, the more devastating to its infrastructure and client base when its network is breached. This is because of the evolution of malware technology and the rising integration of the Internet into every facet of business frameworks.

This problem cannot be tackled with off-the-shelf solutions because they do not scale easily and require complex configurations to aggregate and correlate large amounts of log data. In the end, they make finding, categorizing, and responding to security events an insurmountable task.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is vital to an organization’s defense because it keeps a pulse on the security environment. It establishes a proactive approach to the detection of internal and external attacks on information assets and their associated infrastructure.

Big data architecture is at the heart of Nuspire's nuSIEM. This SIEM utilizes real-time, distributed computation, distributed parallel processing, and advanced machine learning algorithms. nuSIEM is deployed as a readily available, managed, cloud-based service. Due to its scaled architecture, the service can accept near-limitless log events and also provides near-instantaneous reports and alerts.


Across almost two decades of research and development, nuSIEM has evolved to efficiently handle billions upon billions of logs and transactions every day. This ensures customers are using the most efficient tool to better alert, monitor, and report on their clients' networks.

Nuspire’s nuSIEM includes basic social threat intelligence feeds that are automatically applied and updated continuously within the system.

Why nuSIEM?

  • Secure log transport and reception
  • Log normalization and correlation
  • Log management, storage, and archiving
  • Multiple SOC/NOC real-time monitoring dashboards
  • Executive reports with high-level overviews
  • Compliance reports featuring PCI-DSS v3
  • Web-based, Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™
  • Scheduled reports with PDF/CSV attachments
  • Log exporting of both live and archived data
  • Real-time streaming of log data for real-time diagnosis
  • Automatic configuration backups of supported devices
  • Custom agent for log collection and relay

nuSIEM: Built for big data

  • Fault-tolerant, scale out design
  • Similar designs used by today’s top social media companies
  • Customized, extremely fast, clustered, parallel data, execution engine for real-time reporting
  • Basic social threat intelligence
  • Limitless storage and process architecture
  • Reporting across hundreds and thousands of devices simultaneously
  • Real-time alerting including basic, correlated, trend, and custom alert types
  • Device types: firewalls, UTMs, web app firewalls, mail servers

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