Partner Features & Benefits

nuSIEM was created with NuSecure's Partner Program in mind. Numerous features were specifically created and designed for the MSP/MSSP to effectively resell and integrate the service while easily onboarding new clients.

Reporting Templates

nuSIEM provides the master account holder the ability to create reporting templates for consistent client reports based upon an organization's Service Level Agreements. This allows the ability to increase report availability as a client moves into higher service levels.

Alert Templates

Similar to reporting templates, alert templates provide the ability for an admin to create and match templates to existing service levels. Alert templates can be throttled by time or event type.

Self-Provisioning Devices

The nuSIEM interface allows a partner the ability to self-provision devices into the service. During the provisioning process, devices can be assigned to groups, templates, and data retention levels to ensure consistency in delivery of service to customers.

Easily Transition to CTM

Offering 24/7/365 security monitoring for clients has never been easier. Devices can be quickly enrolled into the NuSecure Cyber Threat Monitoring service for branded, back-end security threat monitoring. Actionable events on a customer's device are escalated to a customer's team by our Security Operations Center.

Branded Interface

Stress your brand and organization to your customers with NuSecure's two levels of branding. Reports, alerts, and the security portal as a whole are provided as part of each partner account. For those partners that need a deeper level of branding and integration, the nuSIEM White Label Program is available.


nuSIEM Partner Benefits

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