Complete Reporting

Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™

At the heart of nuSIEM is its Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™ system. Many reporting solutions offer only the top ‘X’ number of results for specific protocols like HTTP and SMTP while others only offer general reports, not tailored to the detailed information generated by a firewall.

nuSIEM is the only solution for complete, detailed reporting on all aspects of a device’s features. This includes data corresponding to system events, traffic information, content filtering, application control, intrusion prevention system, antivirus, anti-spam, VPN, authentication and more.

Executive Reports

nuSIEM's executive reports provide high-level, summarized information across all aspects of a network. The informative charts and graphs cover all aspects of NextGen and UTM Firewalls including a unit’s health, usage, status of UTM/NGFW features, geo-ip reports and more.

The short, concise reports are perfect for quick weekly, monthly, or quarterly reviews of what has been occurring and attempted in the protected segments. The reports can also be used to aid in compliance with regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX.


nuSIEM Reporting

Scheduled Reports

nuSIEM's scheduled reports provide customers with all the power through Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™. At the schedule and frequency set, reports are combined into a single PDF or CSV and delivered to a specified inbox, providing a quick, convenient, and thorough review of security events. All reports are branded to include the client's logo.

nuSIEM's scheduled reports system allows for reporting upon months of data (which may contain billions of events) quickly and easily in order to spot trends and events needing further investigation. It also allows for reports over multiple devices to be combined together to allow for a global view of security events across the enterprise or distributed business.

Filtering of reports by device, interface, users, user groups, services, and IP addresses allow for very specific reports to be created. The easy-to-understand reports can be configured to be automatically emailed to managers and department heads for review of their employees’ internet usage and security events without the need to actually access the nuSIEM web interface.

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