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trax™ has been built to provide complete transparency so that partners are empowered.

  • Monitoring – Provides 24/7/365 status of all network devices. Status, performance, and security event information is tracked and visible in real-time. Custom alert systems automate proactive monitoring to trigger resolution action within the SOC. 
  • Ticketing – Complete issue and resolution tracking from knowledge base to reporting. Each detail of every engagement is logged and visible to the corporate customer through the powerful reporting interface. 
  • Integrated Reporting – Powerful, fully cross-referenced, reporting tools encompass all trax™ systems and are available in real-time.
  • SIEM – High-speed, real-time analysis of firewall/UTM and Windows Event logs with Intelligent Alerting and Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™ together provide faster data processing, faster security alerting, and faster reaction to security events on the network. The ability to monitor security information and event management via dashboards and reporting is available through trax™. 

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