ISP Carrier Solutions

Every day, businesses leverage the Internet more than ever before. Due to this demand, the ISP is expected to not only provide quality service (bandwidth, etc.) but also provide a level of expected protection, or cybersecurity. In some cases, this can even be the differentiator for selecting a service offering from a specific vendor.

Most businesses are beginning to access and consume applications through connected services, which is changing how security will need to be provided to users. Standard security measures will be placed locally, but more is being asked from the ISP to help protect the data.

Many ISPs struggle to meet this demand because most solutions are not built for ISPs. Many SIEM solutions are designed for single organizations. These solutions can cause scalability, compatibility, reporting, and alerting problems. Also, many off-the-shelf solutions require on-premise hardware or software for the ISP to support each customer location.

The NuSecure SIEM is built for organizations with many geographically dispersed locations and is designed to be scalable across many locations. The system is agnostic and intended for a customer base comprised of many variations of network architectures. The solution is also cloud-driven and requires no additional hardware at the customer location.

ISP Partner Solutions

Beyond the SIEM solution, many ISPs turn to the experts at the Nuspire Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to provide Cyber Threat Monitoring. The security experts at these SOCs are accustomed to monitoring varied end locations. SOC engineers are trained to handle this specific network type and to support ISP carriers in threat response. This combination of skilled, specifically trained, security experts with purpose-built technologies provides ISPs with a solution that adds value and product differentiation to their offerings.

NuSecure Program Offerings for ISP or Carrier Providers:

Benefits of becoming a NuSecure Partner:

  • Proven partner program
  • Product differentiation from expanded service offerings
  • nuSIEM technology designed for multi-location customer environments
  • Scalable technologies built for a variety of networks, devices, and topologies
  • Cyber Threat Monitoring solutions designed for partners with many locations, geographically dispersed
  • Secure access to sales documentation and technical information
  • Complete technical training via certified security engineers
  • Unlimited support for partners


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