MSP Partner Solutions

Many NuSecure partners are successful managed solutions providers looking to expand their business by providing new services to existing and potential customers. The Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) sector is a $1.52 billion dollar industry that is growing at over 17 percent each year. MSPs can gain market share and profitable revenue by entering into the MSSP market.

However, entry into the MSSP market is a lengthy process that is both difficult and costly. Many MSPs do not have the expertise necessary to adequately support or grow their customer base. Because security management and monitoring is a 24/7/365 operation, adding security experts can be expensive without the guaranteed revenue to provide a staffing ROI. Many MSPs turn to the NuSecure Partner Program, not only for the SIEM technology, but also for the scalable expertise provided by the Cyber Threat Monitoring solution.

The NuSecure Partner Program provides the expertise necessary using a volume-based discount structure. Cyber Threat Monitoring services may be added to individual devices, thus ensuring adequate revenue to pay for the experts to manage and monitor that specific device. This model is scalable, predictable, and cost-efficient. This provides MSP partners a way to offer expertise to new and existing customers while gaining quick entry into the growing MSSP market.

MSP Partner Solutions

NuSecure's Partner Program is perfect for MSPs who deliver security solutions to the SMB market. The program offers security solutions designed to grow as the business grows.

NuSecure Program Offerings for Managed Service Providers:

Benefits of becoming a NuSecure Partner:

  • Proven partner program
  • Quick entry into a growing industry
  • Scalable, predictable, and profitable cost model
  • Security expertise without bringing in hard-to-find, high-priced talent
  • Access to Nuspire's Security Operations Centers (SOCs), award-winning people, processes, and technologies
  • Complete technical training via certified security engineers
  • Unlimited support for partners


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